Piano Repair and Piano Maintenance

St Paul's First Call for Piano Repair and Piano Maintenance

Why choose us to find the issue and repair your piano?

Your piano is subjected to deterioration along with time. As a result of the same reason, you will certainly wind up noticing issues with your piano. This is where you must contact a piano repair expert. If you are from St Paul and also seeking a professional company who can assist you with piano repairing, you might call us. We will have the ability to deliver the most effective piano repair and maintenance services to you as well as make sure that your piano is restored back into its original condition.

Common Repair Work in Pianos

Below are a few of the most typical troubles that you can have with your piano. If you are currently experiencing any of these issues or any other comparable issue, you may want to call us. We will arrive at your location and aid you by repairing your piano.

  • Unusual noises such as rattling noises, buzzes, and groans
  • Piano cleaning
  • Replacing and splicing broken piano strings
  • Glue joint failure
  • Fractured key sticks
  • Sluggish action parts
  • Sticky keys
  • Damper troubles
  • Pedal issues
  • Problems with bench
  • Floppy action parts
  • Hammer reshaping
  • Soundboard and interior cleaning

Despite just how big or little the problem with your piano is, we will be able to repair it and deliver an appropriately functional piano to you. We will not just take a look at the problem that you are presently dealing with in your piano. We will meticulously check your piano and identify all kind of issues behind it. As a result, you can wind up getting a remarkable solution from us. You will never ever encounter any type of issues with your piano in the future. We verify the high quality of service and guarantee the expertise we maintain.

We can assist you with piano maintenance as well

To avoid experiencing issues with your piano, you will need to pay special focus to normal piano maintenance. We can aid you with arranged piano maintenance also. It's advised to get the piano maintenance solutions offered by us a minimum of one time a year. Then we will have the ability to make sure that your piano is in its ideal condition. This will certainly aid you to shield your financial investment in the long run.

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